Emil Hovmark is a musician from Stockholm, Sweden. He operates under the very unusual name of ‘E-Flex’. The inspiration for this name, he says, comes from his indulgence in ‘popping’- a dance genre where the dancer is expected to be very boneless and flexible- which gave him the inspiration for ‘Flex’; ‘E’ stands for Emil. “I was attending amateur dance battles and needed a name, so I came up with E-Flex. So later on when I started making music, I used E-Flex as well.” He’s very passionate about music, as is evident by how he talks about it.

Making music is something I really enjoy doing, and I often feel like doing, so there is nothing that really inspires me to do it. But of course, I get more eager to do it if I listen to an awesome song.

At the moment, he is studying Technology and Design- learning the basics of programming, web design and digital content creation. His music journey started with the discovery of a digital software, which recently gave way to a more evolved one. “I discovered FL Studio when two of my friends told me about some music software which they’ve heard many people use. I loved working on FL right away and I used it for almost 3 years, but just recently I changed to Ableton Live 9 to explore new possibilities.” Audiojungle- a website where a person can become an author and create any type of music- is where he uploads and shares most of his works. He’s particularly fond of three sounds- one is all about freshly plucked sounds and soothing bass; another is a ‘big room trance anthem’; and the last is defined in his profile as a ‘strong and emotional soundtrack.’ They are as different as chalk and cheese, yet one can easily identify his work. He creates and sells royalty free music on Audiojungle. “I came across this site thanks to a friend. You can sell the royalties to people for them to use in their projects, and at the same time you are getting tips and tricks from the awesome Audiojungle community which is very pleasant.”

“My workspace at home isn’t that fancy really”, he says, when prodded on his methods and instruments. His Mac is used for production, and his music gear includes a pair of BX5a speakers, an Akai MPK49 MIDI keyboard and Sennheiser HD 25 Sp-II headphones. He names “Flume, Russ Chimes, AlunaGeorge and Cashmere Cat” as amazing music makers with their ‘own unique style’. “Clean Bandit, Giraffage, Justin Martin” are the artists who are underrated, according to him, and the three most played songs on his iPod/phone are “Clean Bandit’s ‘Dust Clears’, AlunaGeorge’s ‘Diver’ and Crazy P’s ‘Heartbreaker’.” He used to play piano and guitar as a kid, but he couldn’t continue it for long. “Actually I want to be able to play a lot of instruments, I hope I’ll be able to do it someday”, he says. His father used to play bass in a band and his brother is a really talented drummer- hence the early inclination towards music.

His long term goals include earning enough money to call music producing his actual ‘job’. His idea of success is reaching one’s goals. “Don’t compare yourselves to others” is what he goes with when asked about the best advice he’s ever received. And on this very inspiring note, he signed off.