We recently got in touch with Divine, who has recently released a lot of new music. Songs such as ‘Voice of the Streets’ defined Divine as he continues to pursue his career in music.

  1. How did you get into music?
    Real life experiences and my ability to convert them into rhymes made me make music.

  2. Was music always there in your life or was it like a late teenage addition in your list of things you're passionate about?
    I always loved music. The understanding that I could make music came with time.

  3. What/ who inspired you to rap?
    My love for hip hop made me rap,the people and situations in my life made me get better at it it’s all a process.

  4. There are some people disagreeing to rap being actual musical art. What do you have to say in your defense?
    These are people who haven't really heard rap, they hear some guy on television trying to rhyme and act funny and they think it’s just a easy thing to do. They're too cool to go out there and research. Rap is more than just words put together...it’s a musician’s soul put into rhymes.

  5. Tell us something about ‘Yeh Mera Bombay’?
    Yeh mera Bombay, is my first Hindi rap song that made a lot of noise and impact because it related to most of the people living here. I spat on the whole ideology behind the working of this city.

  6. Which one has been your toughest composition till date? Why?
    ‘Yeh mera Bombay’, was a little difficult cause it was the first time I went to the studio with hindi lyrics but i knew I could pull it off, it was a mix of nervousness and fun!

  7. ‘Voice of the Streets’ seems to have a story behind it. Would you like to share it with us? What was your inspiration behind it?
    ‘Voice of the streets’, is for every kid who comes from the struggle just like me..that’s one track that I have put my soul into. I wanted to speak on behalf of the people who never get a chance to express their feelings.

  8. What do you think you would be doing if you never had not taken up rap seriously?
    A soccer player for sure , I loved soccer as a little kid.

  9. For some people things like cigarette, drugs, tea, coffee act as instigators. What works for you?
    A beat gets me into writing a song. It gets me into the vibe where I just need to pen out the whole melody then.

  10. If you get to collaborate with your favourite rap artist, who would it be?

  11. Collaboration with an artist of another music genre. Who and why?
    Damian Marley cause i love reggae and dancehall.

  12. Tell us something about your upcoming projects?
    I have a mix tape called “Voice of the streets “coming out soon. I am also working on my next Hindi single man watch out for that. I won’t say much just stay tuned.

  13. How do you think the hip hop scene has changed over the last 5 years? How do you see it after 5 years from now?
    It has changes a lot, its got a lot better online.5 years from now its going to be huge success with labels already signing rappers now.

  14. Tell us something about your crew Deepwaters 059?
    Deepwaters is my family, I don`t represent any crew.

  15. What are your thoughts on the mainstream hip hop(rap in particular) in our country?
    Its alright, nothing special but its about time some real rappers get a chance.

  16. What are your views on Yoyo Honey Singh? He apparently represents Indian Rap. Do you agree?
    He’s not a rapper. According to me he is a pop artist, he has some nice tunes but that’s where my appreciation for him ends.