Modules is you & us, both.

Having harbored an enthusiasm for the growing Indian musical circuit, we noticed a lack of media for budding artists looking to step out of obscurity and establish themselves on the stage. A collective desire to fill that void led to an amalgamation of curiosity, creativity and grit which is Modules Magazine.

Sanctity is subjective, divinity isn’t

An Interview with Divine, an up and coming hip hop artist

Anahita Fotedar

Story of the Forgotten

Reminding the youth about the heritage of Indian Instruments

Shiraz Singh

The Guitar Amp, Re-Invented

The new amplifier launched by Line 6. Amplifi 75 and 150.

Jagdish Bhandge

Heavy. Fire. Anger. Power. Trigger.

Interview with Trigger, a progressive heavy metal band from Delhi.

Sharaj Sundararaman

A Silver Needle in a Haystack

An Interview with an up and coming house music producer from Sweden

Astha Chopra

Finding my Voice

A glimpse into the life of a brilliant vocalist

Meghna Prakash

The Art of Listening to Music

Music? You’ve been doing it all wrong

Aranya Khurana

EDM: A universal language

An avid EDM listener’s perspective

Anahita Fotedar

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